Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Problem of Pain: 6

Out of all of the readings, I think that this was my favorite, the one that I could most closely relate to. I liked talking about God as a parachute in our lives. He is ever and always present, but we only like to pull him about when we are about to crash. I have to admit that I am a victim of this too. When things are going perfect in my life I push God away, but the second that things start going wrong I call on God and ask why He could do this to me. God wants us to talk to him when things are good and when things are bad. It is so hard for us to turn our thoughts to God when things are good. We become so quick to point out what's wrong and not to stop and thank God for what's right. 

C.S Lewis used the analogy of a violin. The best brand of violin that you can buy is one that is made from wood that is grown in the most harsh conditions. But because that wood has stood up to so much the sound it lets off is beautiful. The most beautiful sounds come from the wood that grows in the most painful conditions. We need to be that piece of wood. God puts us through had things in our life so that we can be beautiful, so that we can give off His light and be the most beautiful sounding creatures. 

We have a personal relationships with God as our father. It is so easy for us to tune Him out and focus on other worldly things. God must be able to feel pain and suffering because otherwise he doesn't know what we mean when we cry out to him. When we say, "God help me, this hurts." God is able to relate to our pain because at one point or another He felt it too. 

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