Monday, January 19, 2009

Plantinga Chapter 3

I remember when I was in catechism class learning about the Fall. We learned about why and when it happened, and the final out come, which were a broken live for us today. I think that learning about the Fall is something that we need to be constantly reminded of because today it is so easy to believe that everything is good on earth. We have become de-sensitized to evil in the world around us. It so important that we stop and look around us. We need to accept that we are living in a broken, sinful, and fallen world. God made it that way.

I also liked what Plantinga had to say about trust. I have such a hard time trusting people. I always want answers right away and an explanation for everything. This chapter reminded me that we need to trust God. God will provide, he WILL protect us from all evil and harm that is in this fallen world. It is hard for me to take this in however. I find myself asking, If God loves us so much why did he let this happen? Why did he allow sin to become a part of us? Even though God made all this happen he STILL loves us and cares for us.  He wants us to trust Him and believe that He will care for us. Plantinga sums this up when he says, "God hates sin not because it violates law, but also because it violates trust." If we just trust God, we can have to comfort and peace that He will take care of us. 

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