Monday, January 12, 2009

Our English Syllabus

Reading 'Our English Syllabus' was very interesting to me.  I talked about this topic in high school in my English class. I feel like today, schools have prepared students for a standardized test and not life. Education has come to the point where it has lost its purpose. Going to school has become routine, each day we are spoon fed information so that we can pass the test, get the job, and make the grade. I feel like we have gotten to the point where we are going to school because we have to, not because we want to learn. We are going to school so that we can get the specific education to get the job we want. 

The topic of liberal arts schools was brought up in class and the point was made that these schools try to encourage students to have a more broad education. I think that this statement is in many ways true. I think that it is important to know more than just everything about a specific topic.  Calvin college provides opportunities to explore and forces you to learn, it is necessary evil. I think that its really important to broaden your horizons of information. Like Adriena said, "If you are an art major and you have to take a biology class, you shouldn't drag through the class, you should stop and look at the art of the biology. If you are an engineer major, you should look at the way systems work and find interest in that." We shouldn't be the dumb animals that only work to work, and go to school to learn one subject. We should be the people that are able to find a balance, we should find that place for leisure and to see the beauty in things that we learn. 

We are still being spoon fed information and trying to be pulled into certain areas of education. We are still being told what to learn and what classed to take.  In preschool and elementary school you are free to explore and learn, you learn and experience new things by playing. When we get to middle school and college we are dragged along, told what classed to take, are put under so much pressure to make the grade. It is at this point you are just doing things to get things done, and you don't necessarily want to engage in the learning. However, in grad school you really start to learn along side your teacher and really being to love learning. We need to start to love learning for what its worth and not for the job we hope to obtain. 

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