Monday, January 19, 2009

The Poison of Subjectivism

In this article Lewis talks about our morals and how they change. One of the main fears of Lewis is that our good intentions will turn into bad decisions and lead to bad results. Subjectivism talks about the idea that the morals we hold throughout our lives will change. These morals will change because of different situations we are put in or simply because we are at a new place in our lives. Sometimes, we as humans come up with new morals and set new standards for our lives which continue to evolve. Throughout the reading Lewis argues that there is some kind of high bar that we hold our standards to, and compare our interpretations of our morals to. The question then becomes what interpretation is correct, and how do we know which standard is a health choice to follow. 

In the reading we were introduced to Lewis' main arguments. Lewis first states that we as a human race can not just invent a new moral and get people to live by it. This would be adding morals to the natural law and we have no say in what the natural law says. Lewis then talks about what would happen if we tried to create a new moral. Each time someone tries to bring in a new moral, its really just taking one moral that already exists and puts it at a higher place than the natural laws. When we do this, the human race looses it sense of diversity and become stuck on one moral which can then lead to the placement of one race over another depending on what you believe. 

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