Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Plantinga Chapter 2

Reading this chapter about creation felt very repetitive from prelude. The way that the writing talked about God being perfect and creating everything perfect rose an interesting point. We started talking about how God could have created the devil if everything He created. Some people think that things are born evil because they have no presence of God in their lives. Other people say that things can really be born with evil in them. C.S Lewis said that, "Evil is like a parasite, it is there only because there is good for it to spoil and confuse." The only cure for this evil is the blood of the lamb. This quote is vital for us to remember because a lot of the time we forget that God has done everything for a purpose and we need Him in our life to pull out the evil. 

I really liked the the quote from Hopkins. The quotes says that its just not through prayer but through the work that we do that brings glory to God. I think that we need to to live each day doing things that give Him the glory and not just for our benefit. We have become so wrapped up in our own lives and we have forgotten that God is the one who created it all. I think that we need to put God back into our lives and remember during each activity we partake in each and every day, we are able to do it through and because of Him. 

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